Parents FAQs

If you would like to contribute to this effort in any capacity, please write to Mona Vijaykar, Director,

Please inform your child’s teacher about this Teacher Assistance Program as a resource for study on India. The success of India in Classrooms depends entirely on parent references – see a list of parent supporters here.

No. All IC expects is commitment to the cause….and the ideas will flow.
IC needs all the support it can get. So you can help in ANY capacity that is possible for you. You can make a difference even with minimum involvement- whether you make one phone call to your child’s school informing them about IC’s Teacher Support Program or simply by sharing interesting and relevant material with IC in order to enrich our presentations to the schools.

IC will have greater success with voluntary help in the following areas: Liaisons (with school districts, administrators), Speakers, 
Researchers, Office helpers, Trainers, Artists

Your active involvement now will help your kids when they learn about India and long after they graduate from school. IC is committed to creating a more informed environment for all kids now and forever.

Educator FAQs

IC has crafted modules to supplement the California standard curriculum on ancient India for 6th graders. IC can help you explain concepts of Indian culture that you may be unfamiliar with, through interesting visuals and art projects.

IC could also help identify misrepresentations about Indian culture or history in your prescribed text book that you might not be aware of. These misrepresentations could cause grief to some your Indian students without your knowledge and mislead their peers. IC would present you with accurate, researched and consistent material to help you do justice to the subject.

IC is well aware of the daily pressures and time restrictions that all teachers face. We also deeply appreciate the teachers who take time out of their busy schedules to offer their students a more enriched lesson. India in classrooms is therefore more than willing to accommodate teachers’ requests whenever they are unable to schedule a combined presentation for all 6th grades.

IC hopes to establish an on-going association with your school through annual presentations, workshops, demos and exhibits through the participation of parents and active members of your school body.

It is a matter of pride that more teachers like to invite Indian parents to share their culture with the class. Yet, India is a diverse country and parents may offer narrow perspectives which can be misleading to your students. The disadvantage of having ad hoc presentations is that your students may receive superficial information that may have been hastily assembled and not necessarily accurate. The material may be inconsistent from parent to parent and year to year and may not endure repeated display. India in classrooms is focused on providing your students with accurate and comprehensive substance and meaningful presentations that has been approved by experts…. With the help of these parents.

Parents who are already active in the schools are welcome to receive training along with reference material before they are invited into your classroom. These parents would then qualify to train other parents in the school. This would benefit the school as well as the Indian community.

IC also acts as a non profit resource centre for teachers, parents and others regarding all aspects of the Indian civilization.

General FAQs

India in Classrooms would be delighted to share its knowledge with your organization. Since our objective is to generate deeper understanding about the Indian civilization, IC has been invited to speak to many varied social groups. One of the finest and most inspiring audiences was that of the United Methodist Church in Sunnyvale. CA. IC made a series of presentations that covered several dimensions of Indian history and culture as well as contemporary India.
Knowledge like air seeps into every possible space that it can occupy.
Beyond the classroom, IC has found eager listeners in all walks of life – at a spa resort, a yoga class, community centers
First, IC welcomes your strong support. You may help in a variety of ways. If you can arrange for small group presentations within your friend circle or your workplace, it would provide an excellent platform to generate greater awareness within this western society.

You can also train to be a speaker and continue to find appropriate forums where you could share this material. Besides this level of involvement, you might check out the many areas of voluntary support that are listed in the ‘Parent’ section of this page.

IC has made similar slide presentations to audiences in India, where it is just as necessary to educate about ancient India’s contribution to modern civilization.