India in Classrooms (IC) is a non-political, non-religious, non-profit organization that welcomes individuals of all races, nationalities and religions.

IC is a network-based grassroots organization that is focused on generating deeper understanding about India through its Teacher Support Program, by providing accurate and comprehensive information about Indian history and culture to schools.

India in Classrooms aims to dispel myths and misunderstanding about Indian culture and history and improve the way Indians are perceived in America. Please scroll down for video

India in Classrooms is committed to raise the self-esteem of young Indian Americans by projecting Indian culture in its rightful world perspective on par with western culture. IC hopes to change the present Euro centric conditioning in American education

India in Classrooms hopes to foster our human connection and strengthen inter-cultural ties within neighborhoods, through its ‘World is the Family’ theme

India in Classrooms aims to create awareness among Indian parents about classroom instruction on India and to be alert to any misinformation on the subject

India in Classrooms has been formed to give voice to the concerns of the Indian community with regards to curriculum and multicultural activity in schools

India in Classrooms does not believe in undermining or comparing with any culture, civilization, organization or cause in its efforts to bring truthful knowledge about India to future world citizens